Underfloor Heating - 9 Sizes


One of the things that puts us off getting out of bed or out of the shower on a morning is the discomfort that comes with walking on a cold floor. Imagine the feeling of stepping out onto a nice warm tiled floor that has been pre-heated to your desired temperature.

Cold floors will be a thing of the past with the fully certified, tested and CE approved Phoenix Underfloor Heating Kit, which provides you with:

A heating mat to your desired size
A programmable touch screen digital thermostat
Thermostat floor sensors
Complete installation and operation manual
Control card and full test certificate
Multi-meter tester included 
Available in 9 sizes


Code ME001
Dimensions Various


CodeArea coveredWattsPrice
ME001 1.0 sqm 150W/m2 Watts 150 £168.00
ME002 1.5 sqm 150W/m2 Watts 225 £186.00
ME003 2.0 sqm 150W/m2 Watts 300 £201.00
ME004 3.0 sqm 150W/m2 Watts 450 £240.00
ME005 4.0 sqm 150W/m2 Watts 600 £279.00
ME006 5.0 sqm 150W/m2 Watts 750 £318.00
ME007 6.0 sqm 150W/m2 Watts 900 £345.00
ME008 7.0 sqm 150W/m2 Watts 1050 £384.00
ME009 8.0 sqm 150W/m2 Watts 1200 £420.00

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Underfloor Heating Fitting Guide Download

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